Education Counsellor


An Education Counsellor guides students in their academic and career goals. They may also counsel students on personal and social development.  

Nature of the job

This line of work will require you to interact with students. If you love working with students, supporting their personal growth and promoting academic and career options then this is a role to consider. To succeed, you will need excellent interpersonal and communication skills. You will also need to keep abreast with the latest changes and updates to academic programmes and requirements. You may also be tasked with the wellbeing of students, hence a strong ability to empathise with students undergoing psychological and emotional difficulties is essential. Typical 9-5pm working hours. You can easily achieve work-life balance in this role.

Job Description
  • Evaluate and advise on academic planning and degree requirements
  • Adopt and create assessment tools for student development
  • Keep abreast with changes to academic programmes and regulations

Career Progress: Executive Education Consultant/Counsellor > Assistant Education Consultant/Counsellor > Education Consultant/Counsellor