Doctor / GP


A general practitioner is a medical doctor who assesses and treats different types of illnesses and injuries. He or she also provide routine healthcare such as immunizations.

Nature of the job

General practitioners often work in clinics, clocking in 10-16 hours a day, depending on the work shift arrangement and clinic operation hours. It is common to have regular, long-term patients across all age groups, so a friendly attitude is a bonus. There will be cases, especially amongst the old folks and young children, who prefer to be examined and treated at home, so you may need to make the trip, sometimes during odd hours.

To succeed in this role, you need to have wide-ranging knowledge in different areas of medicine. You also need to be able to examine the level of severity of the patients’ conditions based on the presenting symptoms, and refer them to a specialist if necessary.

No other satisfaction can compare to the one saving lives.

Job Description
  • Treat all common medical conditions and refer patients to hospitals for urgent and specialist treatment
  • Involve in preventive medicine and health maintenance. For example, carry out child immunisations, smoking cessation and lifestyle advice.

Career Progress: GP > Specialist (With advanced studies) OR GP > Clinic Owner