Distribution Manager


A Distribution Manager manages the processes of inventory throughout an order cycle.

Nature of the job

Distribution is an important part of the supply chain process. A Distribution Manager’s daily role involves the co-ordination of goods throughout the order cycle. This includes meeting potential retailers to discuss and explore the possibility of new businesses, management of warehouse inventory, solving logistical problems and improvement of supply chain processes and policies. Work will depend on which sector you work in such a manufacturing or retailing.

You will need strong communication skills as you need to communicate regularly with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. As a graduate, you will usually start with a specific role in distribution, managing specific customer contracts or storage centres. You will then progress into a wider remit in logistics management or to larger contracts. Once you progress to key management, you will be responsible for the strategic development and management which include management information, finance, HR, IT and production.

Job Description
  • Communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders on transportation requirements
  • Proficient in enterprise resource planning software such as SAP, Oracle etc.
  • Ensuring cost, quality and goods meet the required standard of the domestic or

international market

Career Progress: Distribution Executive > Distribution Manager > Distribution Senior Manager > Distribution General Manager