Put simply, a dermatologist is a skin expert. He or she diagnoses, treats and prevents skin diseases and cancers.


Nature of the job

Most dermatologists are also trained as skin surgeons. Skin surgery is quick becoming an important part of the practice, especially in western countries with rising cases of skin cancer. So the job is not limited to aesthetic like treating acne or ezcema, it can be expanded to include surgical procedures.

Often being overlooked, dermatology is actually a unique specialty. The skin is not only the largest organ in our human body, it is also out on the appearance and plays a big part in perceptions formed upon us. It has a significant social and psychological impact, and is directly linked to self-esteem, emotional health and social interaction. That said, this role can be immensely rewarding especially when the successful treatments have a positive impact on the patients’ lives, when they regain their health and confidence in life.

Within a hospital work setting, a typical day of a dermatologist would involve ward visits, outpatient clinic, and/ or surgical procedures. This is a predominantly outpatient specialty with relatively low on-call commitment. So the working hours can be fairly balanced and flexible.

Job Description
  • Examine and treat skin-related conditions
  • Counsel patients on preventive care topics like sun protection, skin cancer awareness etc

Career Progress: GP> Dermatologist > Consultant or set up own practice

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