Dentistry is the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity.

Nature of the job

Many of us have dental phobia, and we develop certain level of anxiety when it comes to dental visits. So it certainly helps if the dentist is a people person. You need to be compassionate about the patients’ anxiety and try putting them at ease. Also, recall that mouth is not exactly a big enough space for a dentist to work. It is handy to have good manual dexterity. Think fine motor skills and steady hands.

A huge portion of your work involves counseling patients on proper oral health care. Be honest, yet delicate in your communication. A compassionate attitude will help patients to feel more comfortable to open up and share their concerns with you, and they will be less anxious to come for the follow up treatment the next time. Also, try to use layman terms so that the message can be delivered clearly.

The work typically takes place in clinics and hospitals, either operated by the government or private practices. The working hours are relatively fixed, with very low on call commitment. You can easily achieve work life balance with this role.

Job Description
  • Teeth extraction and scaling
  • Counsel patients on proper oral health care, such as the correct teeth brushing and flossing method
  • Perform cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening

Career Progress: Dentist > Set up own practice/ Specialist (with advanced study)

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