Debt Capital Market


Debt Capital Market bankers help their clients raise funds through debt instruments, which is a cheaper way of raising financing compared to equity.

Nature of the job

Debt Capital Market aka fixed-income market deal with debt in the form of bonds which include treasury or municipal bonds which are issued by the government, investment grade bonds issue by corporates and high-yield bonds which pay a higher rate of returns due to its likelihood of defaulting. As one of the major Islamic financial centres, Malaysia is gaining prominence as a hub for Islamic financing. Investment products structured in this area is different from conventional financial products as it prohibits the payment of interest.

Bear in mind that this is not an entry-level job. This role requires knowledge in the relevant regulations and guidelines pertaining to the debt capital market transactions. You will more likely start out structuring debt products according to your client’s needs. You will also need strong communication skills as you will need to market these products to prospective investors in the syndication process.

Job Description
  • Advise clients on the structure of financing
  • Prepare and submit transaction documents to regulatory authorities
  • Coordinate and ensure timeline of project is met

Career Progress: Analyst > Associate > Vice President > Executive Director > Managing Director