Data Scientist


Arguably the sexiest job of the 21st century, a data scientist deals with
enormous mass of data, both structured and unstructured, he or she then untangles them, and
makes sense out of them utilising his or her formidable skills in math, statistics, analytics, and
industry knowledge.

Nature of the job

Data scientists wrestle data into submission. With some help of course. Think softwares like
Hive, R, and Python. They help to organise data, perform analysis and build models. You need
to have a strong technical and quantitative background (in math, statistics, machine learning
techniques, software engineering skills) to perform meaningful analysis. Remember, garbage in
garbage out. Analyse and input only the data that you think is necessary and will contribute to
finding answers to the questions you have in mind. The nature of the job is usually very tedious
in the beginning, you may feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of data before your eyes.
Camping long hours in front of your computer is common. But very much like a scientist, when
you make a huge, meaningful discovery, you will be leaping for joy!  
Often overlooked, findings presentation is another major part of the job. You don’t only process
the data. You use your findings to identify areas of concern and come up with concrete ideas or
actionable strategies for the company to move forward. Communicate your discoveries
succinctly to technical and non technical audiences.  

Job Description
  • Extract and massage huge volumes of data gleaned both internally and externally.
  • Prune and discard irrelevant data
  • Utilise analytic programs, coupled with machine learning and statistical methods to
    organise data
  • Practise certain level of skepticism and examine data from a unique perspective to
    determine hidden weaknesses or uncover hidden opportunities
  • Devise new algorithms to solve problems
  • Share findings with management and IT team

Career Progress: Data Scientist > Senior Data Scientist