Content Writer


Content writers are professional writers responsible for creating engaging content for websites.

Nature of the job

The typical perception of the content writer role is you get to work from home. In your pyjamas maybe. With your cat. Or bunny. Or hamster. You get the idea. It exudes freedom and flexibility, which is very true as most content writers are either self-employed or they work on a freelance basis. You pretty much arrange your own schedules to get the job done in time. The reality is, if you are rather junior in the industry and have yet to establish a reputation for yourself, your starting rate will be quite low and you will be facing the pressure of constantly looking for writing assignments.

This job is not just about mindless writing, you need to do substantial research and background reading to come up with a quality piece. You need to know who your readers are, and you craft the write-up accordingly. Also, you need to be creative enough to come up with a snappy or catchy title. The title is as important as the article itself, if not more. A catchy title tends to get more clicks on the ‘Read More’ button. You also need to market yourself regularly by staying active on social media. Your visibility will help you in creating following. The higher the visibility,  the more likely you will get recommended for future jobs.

You will see your name posted alongside the article title. So originality is of utmost importance! The last thing you want is your name being associated with plagiarism which is every content writer’s ultimate nightmare! So always check for plagiarism before you submit your work. The job satisfaction kicks in when your work is published and well-received by clients and intended audiences!

Job Description
  • Produce a variety of content for webpage use
  • Keep yourself abreast with the latest development of your client’s companies, their products and services in order to produce compelling articles

Career Progress: Journalist > Content writer (self-employed or freelance)