Computer Hardware Technician


Computer hardware technicians are responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing computer hardware.

Nature of the job

There is a steady demand for this role across a variety of industries as technology becomes more prevalent in our daily and working lives. Some may start off as a PC technician in a retail store, helping customers with personal computers’ hardware installation, repair or upgrade. Some may progress to joining a company and becoming an IT personnel. Some may become help desk specialist, providing remote technical supports to customers.

Technical competence aside, you need to have excellent communication and customer service skills as you will be dealing directly with customers most of the time. Listen properly when they share the issues they are facing, and you should have a rough idea in your mind on the hardware that could malfunction, if it is hardware related at all. If it is beyond your scope, you should direct their support request to the correct personnel, be it software or network.

You will be based in an office but you may need to travel to customer sites from time to time, especially when there is some installation work to be done. This is a 9-5 job. One can expect work-life balance with this role.

Job Description
  • Install, maintain and repair computer hardware or equipment
  • Troubleshoot and provide technical support either on site, or via phone or email

Career Progress: Computer Hardware Technician > Help Desk Support/ IT Personnel > System Support Specialist