Civil Engineer


Civil Engineers deals with the design, construction and maintenance of building structures and infrastructure such as roads, bridges, dams, harbours and rail.

Nature of the job

Notable wonders of civil engineering include the Bird’s Nest Stadium in China, the Palm Islands in Dubai, the Millay Viaduct in France and closer to home, the PETRONAS Twin Towers. As a civil engineer, you are responsible for the design, development and construction of projects.  You will be tasked with the planning, managing and supervising of the construction projects and work in various settings. You can either be employed by contractors, consultancies or work in-house in organisations.

As opposed to other types of engineering which would require engineers to spend most of their time indoors in laboratories or industrial plants, site engineers tend to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors and on-site, sometimes in less than pleasant conditions. For civil engineers in consultancy, you may spend more time in the office conducting technical and feasibility studies of projects, developing detailed designs or putting together tender proposals. Civil Engineers typically work full time, with some overtime commitment occasionally depending on project requirements.

Job Description
  • Planning, scheduling and coordination of civil and structural works
  • Setting project specification or drafting tender documents
  • Use computer-aided design software for projects
  • Manage on-site construction work, supervising operations team, ensuring work progress is on schedule and meet local regulations

Career Progress: Junior Civil Engineer > Project Manager/Senior Civil Engineer > Associate Civil Engineer > Director/Consultant