Chemists contributing to developments in areas such as cosmetics, O&G and pharmaceutical drugs.  

Nature of the job

Like any science-related field, there is an opportunity to work in various areas of chemistry which include but not limited to drug formulation, chemical or forensic analysis or toxicology. You can also explore multidisciplinary careers in materials engineering, environmental science or chemical engineering. All of which require a good foundation in chemistry.

You can work in a variety of fields, across different sectors. You can choose to work in academic institutions, conducting research, writing and publishing academic papers and teaching. If you are working in the private or commercial sectors, you will be developing and improving products, testing the quality of manufactured goods or conducting research and development on viable products.

To work as a chemist, you will need an attention to detail to ensure the measurements and formulations are correct. You will also need to have a good degree of perseverance and be able to work independently. Working hours are fixed from 9-5pm with some overtime required depending on schedules. Predominantly based in labs.

Job Description
  • Prepare, develop, analyse and test solutions/compounds/reagents
  • Use of analytical techniques and instrumentation
  • Report results of research

Career Progress: Junior Chemist/Lecturer > Senior Chemist/Lecturer > Reader/Technical Lead > Professor/Consultant