Channel Manager


Channel management is a term widely used in the sales marketing field, whereby the channels represent the outlets to market and sell products. A channel manager is responsible to manage the assigned channels in order to achieve revenue and sales target.

Nature of the job

Put simply, a channel manager is a sales/ marketing professional. The basic idea is to manage the sales/ marketing outlet or ‘channels’ to meet sales target. This position is well suited for those who are self-driven and have superior diplomacy and negotiation skills. You will find yourself presenting services or products to potential distributors or resellers for the most part of your job. The cruel truth is, if you are relatively junior or new in the industry, you may get rejection after rejection, which can be really demoralising at times. That’s precisely why you need to be able to motivate and pick yourself and your team up, regroup and restrategise. Negotiation makes up a huge part of the job, and this is a skill that can be polished with training and experience. Multitasking skills are required of this role as usually you will be tasked to oversee multiple channels. Competition in the industry is usually stiff, but with strong teamwork, competence and the right strategy, you can lead your team to achieve, or better still, exceed sales target by a mile!

Job Description
  • Work closely with dealers, distributors or resellers to promote the sales of company products
  • Determine the pricing and discount policies for the assigned channels
  • Oversee and motivate sales team to hit sales target
  • Identify competitors and monitor their sales and marketing strategies
  • Manage and service key accounts
  • Participate in deals negotiation

Career Progress: Channel Manager > Sales Manager/ Consultant