Business Development


A business development analyst identifies and recommends new business initiatives. Typically work closely with sales.

Nature of the job

Like a strategist, you have to plan your resources and decide when to defend or go on an offensive. A business development analyst is like a strategist of a company. The role entails understanding the market and competitors, keeping abreast with the latest developments and trends and knowing a customer’s needs and wants. You will then mobilise your resources and strike when the time is right. For example, launching a new product after identifying a gap in supply or engage in business expansion to new markets.

You will need a good degree of analytical skill in interpreting sets of data and trends to present useful insights to key management. You will need to walk in the shoes of your customer, be on the lookout to discover issues and improve the product to deliver better value. You will also need to work together with the finance team to understand the financial position of the company and the sales team who will be responsible for closing deals.

Job Description
  • Develop business strategies through market research, competitor or customer surveys
  • Monitor and review relevant areas such as sales growth and prepare management reports
  • Conduct analysis and studies on potential businesses

Career Progress: Business Development Executive > Business Development Manager > Business Development Director