Brand Manager


Brand Managers plan and direct marketing efforts to improve the value of a specific brand.

Nature of the job

Ever slept through business strategy classes and miss your crucial lesson of the 4Ps of marketing? Time to brush up. The role of Brand Managers can be very similar to that of Marketing and Product Managers. In the case of smaller enterprises, these roles very often overlap. To put simply, Brand Managers serve as advocates for their company, creating a feeling of trust and familiarity with their consumers. Highly successful brands include Apple, Coca-Cola and Disney.

As a graduate, you may start with an analytical role, sieving through reams of data such as consumer’s purchasing behavior, performing competitor analysis and assist in periodical business reviews.   Big picture-strategy-high level stuffs usually come in a little later. In the case of a conglomerate that produces several name-brand products, think Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Nestlé, you will lead teams to work on a specific brand or brands within the company. Here, you will be developing and executing branding strategies and be responsible for the profit and loss of the portfolio you are overseeing. In other corporate settings, you will be responsible for the overall strategic corporate brand positioning, working with several cross-functional teams to develop and implement brand strategies.

Your pay is largely dependent on the complexity of the products you are responsible for. The remuneration package can be quite attractive for this role as it often includes share options and bonus schemes. Career prospect wise, this job will need your involvement across different job functions to a certain extent, equipping you with broad scope of knowledge needed to venture into your own business.

Job Description
  • Develop and set direction for each brand through sales channels online and offline
  • Establish feel for branding and advertising, working closely with marketing to ensure property execution
  • Creating top-of-mind recall through positioning and visibility in-store and online

Career Progress: Brand/Merchandising/Marketing Executive > Brand/Merchandising/Marketing Manager > Brand/Merchandising/Marketing Director > Chief Marketing Officer/Entrepreneur