Assembly Engineer


Assembly engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering. An assembly engineer is responsible for overseeing the assembly process and seeking for improvements where applicable, be it through part design or production line control.  

Nature of the job

With employment opportunities primarily in semiconductor, mechatronics, and automotive industries, this line of job can be really exciting as the technology advances. In addition to the usual human operators to support the assembly line, the inclusion of robotics brings about interesting human-robot collaboration.

Apart from coordinating to ensure smooth assembly flow in production, it is essential for an assembly engineer to participate in design reviews by the product team to ensure products are designed with ease of assembly in mind prior to tool release. The main objective of Design for Assembly (DFA) is to simplify the product design, reduce part count and part types where possible, and therefore reduce the cost of assembly. This job usually only requires you to work during normal office hours, but you may need to be stationed at the assembly line from time to time to monitor and improve the flow.

Your reward = fixed pay + annual bonus + opportunity to work with robotic colleagues

Job Description
  • Develop new or modify assembly  processes
  • Review product requirements with design team to ensure compatibility of processing methods
  • Compile and analyse data to determine appropriate limits and variables for process and material specifications

Career Progress: Junior Engineer > Senior Engineer > Technical Lead/ Design Consultant/ Engineering Manager/ Production Manager