Architect (Landscape & Building)


An architect is involved in the planning, design and supervision of the construction of landscape and buildings.

Nature of the job

Do you ever dream to be the next Antoni Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright? Do you have a strong drive to see your design vision fulfilled and create transformative landmarks?

Architecture is a field that embraces and celebrates creativity. You can think outside the box, challenge the traditional values all you want, as long as your design ideas are buildable. Yes, feasibility is imperative. If you design something that cannot be built, then it is only good on paper. That said, on top of impressive drawing skills and bottomless creative brain juice, you need to have elementary understanding on civil and building engineering. Performing numerous design iterations are typically required of this role, so being able to see the big picture helps! Don’t get irked with the tedious part of the job, for you will be rewarded with immense job satisfaction when your designs are brought to life! You will maintain hands-on involvement at every point of the project, from inception till completion. Communicate succinctly with your teammates to see the project to the end.

Frequent site visits and external meetings with clients are expected of this role. So most likely you will work extended hours to get some design work done, especially when there are tight project deadlines to meet.

Job Description
  • Brainstorm designs and create detailed drawings by hand and by utilising CAD software
  • Consider constraining factors such as local regulations, allocated budget and potential environmental impact during design work
  • Discuss the feasibility and constructability of design concepts with construction professionals like civil engineers and building service engineers

Career Progress: Junior architect > Senior architect > Chartered architect/ Set up own practice