An anesthesiologist is a physician specialised in perioperative medicine and administration of anesthetics.

Nature of the job

The work setting for anesthesiologists is always stressful, such as in an operating room, where a great deal of concentration and alertness is an absolute must. They also work in outpatient department, taking care of patients in need of pain management treatment. You must be detail-oriented and have exceptionally high standards of accuracy as any little mistake could put patients’ lives in danger. You also have to be sharp, observant, think and act fast should something go wrong. This line of job provides instant job satisfaction, as what you do directly helps easing the pain patients have to otherwise go through.

Job Description
  • Develop suitable anesthesia plans for patients to prevent the pain and distress patients would experience, especially during surgery
  • Ensure the safety of patients and take necessary steps to prevent any injuries on the patients during the anesthetic period

Career Progress: Anesthesiologists Resident > Certified Anesthesiologist > Senior Staff Anesthesiologist

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