Actuaries evaluate and analyse the financial consequences of risk.   

Nature of the job

The actuary profession is suited to highly analytical and numerate graduates. Essentially, the role of an actuary requires the forecasting of future outcomes through the use of complex mathematical models and statistics. Actuaries are required to predict these outcomes and model this according to the changing financial and economic landscape.

Typically, actuaries are hired by insurance and pension firms or specialist actuarial consultancies. Graduates start their training by making financial projections based on pre-existing models. As you progress, you will have the opportunity to construct and build these models. Actuarial work has good career prospects as the work that you do is often applicable to many different sectors which can even include forecasting the impact of climate change.

Job Description
  • Perform mathematical modelling to assess and determine the probability of risks
  • Analyse statistical data and presenting findings
  • Monitor risk and develop regulatory compliance systems

Career Progress: Actuary Trainee > Actuary > Senior Actuary > Chief Risk Officer