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Course Overview

Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours)/Bachelor of Business

Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia
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Entry Requirements

Fees & Intakes

Mar Sep Oct
5 years
5 years
Registration Fee
Resource Fee
Tuition Fee (Home)
MYR 147,000
Total Payable Fee
MYR 147,000
Registration Fee
MYR 1,250
Resource Fee
MYR 3,750
Tuition Fee (Home)
MYR 193,680
Total Payable Fee
MYR 198,680


Course Content

Core units for BEng (Civil) (Hons)
ENG10001 Engineering, Design and Innovation
ENG10002 Engineering Materials
ENG10003 Mechanics of Structures
ENG10004 Digital and Data Systems
MTH10012 Calculus and Applications
MTH10013 Linear Algebra and Applications
PHY10001 Energy and Motion
PHY10004 Electronics and Electromagnetism
MTH20010 Mathematics 3A
MME30001 Engineering Management 1†
ENG40001 Final Year Research Project 1*†
ENG40002 Final Year Research Project 2*†

Civil Major
CVE20001 Topographical Engineering
CVE20002 Computer Aided Engineering
CVE20003 Design of Concrete Structures
CVE20004 Geomechanics
CVE20005 Road Engineering
MEE20003 Fluid Mechanics 1
MEE20004 Structural Mechanics
CVE30001 Urban Water Resources†
CVE30002 Design of Steel Structures†
CVE30003 Transport Engineering†
CVE30004 Cost Engineering†
CVE40001 Geotechnical Engineering*†
CVE40002 Structural Design of Low Rise Buildings*†
CVE40004 Water and Environmental Engineering*†
CVE40006 Infrastructure Design Project*†
MME40001 Engineering Management 2†

Core units for Bachelor of Business
ACC10007 Financial Information for Decision Making
ECO10004 Economic Principles
INF10003 Introduction to Business Information Systems
MKT10007 Fundamentals of Marketing

Finance Major
FIN10002 Financial Statistics
ECO20004 Macroeconomic Policy
FIN20013 Banking Operations and Governance
FIN20014 Financial Management*
FIN30013 International Trade and Finance*
FIN30014 Financial Risk Management*
FIN30016 Management of Investment Portfolios*
LAW30002 Finance Law

Management Major
HRM10003 Human Resource Management
MGT10002 Critical Thinking in Management
ACC20014 Management Decision Making
ORG20002 Business and Society
ORG20003 Organisational Behaviour*
MGT30005 Strategic Planning in Dynamic Environments*
ORG30002 Leadership in Context*
ORG30003 Sustainable Organisational Design*

* Outcome unit – completion demonstrates the attainment of course learning outcomes
† Honours merit unit – results are used in the honours merit calculation

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