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Bachelor of Education (Hons.) Dual Degree (3+0) with University of Central Lancashire, UK

3 years

MQA Status
3 months
icon Award
Dual Award - University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom
Intakes :
Duration : 3 years
MQA Status : Accredited
Internship : 3 months
Award : Dual Award - University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom

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A-Level EE UEC 5B Diploma CGPA 2.0 STPM CC Foundation CGPA 2.0 CPU Avg. 55% SACE/WACE ATAR 55
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Estimated fees is RM 65,075
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Entry Requirements


Registration Fee
MYR 500
Resource Fee
MYR 7,900
Tuition Fee (Home)
MYR 56,675
Estimated Total Fees
MYR 65,075
Other Fee
Technology Fee @ MYR 5,400 / Once-off
Exam & Certificates
External Partner' Exam Fee @ GBP 250 / Year ( 1 GBP = MYR 5.31 )
Security Deposit @ MYR 300 / Once-off

Awards & Scholarships

Course Content

Year 1
Semester 1
Academic English
Introduction to Education: Educational Philosophy, History and Policies
Communication and Thinking Skills
Sociology and Development of Children and Adolescents
Introduction to Curriculum and Pedagogy
TITAS / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2
Semester 2
Hubungan Etnik / Malaysian Studies
Effective Listening Skills
Semester 3
Technology in Education
Pedagogy and Diversity
Educational Psychology
Assessment and Evaluation in Education
Guidance and Counselling in Education
Elective Major 1
Year 2
Semester 1
Ethics and Professionalism in Teaching
Environmental Management and Technology
Planning and Organising Supportive Learning Environments
Elective Major 2
Practicum 1 ( 2 weeks)
Elective Major 3
Semester 2
Elective Major 4
Elective Subject 1 (Minor)
Elective Major 5
Semester 3
Elective Major 6
Elective Major 7
Elective Subject 2 (Minor)
Classroom and Behaviour Management
Elective Major 8
Elective Major 9
Year 3
Semester 1
Elective Subject 3 (Minor)
Management and Leadership in Education
Entrepreneurship Development Business Ethics
Introduction to Research in Education
Elective Major 10
Semester 2
Practicum 2 (6 weeks)
Semester 3
Research Project: Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education
Practicum 3 (12 weeks)

Specialisation in TESL – (Teaching English as a Second Language):
Introduction to Linguistics
English Phonetics and Phonology
English Grammar
Approaches to Teaching English as a Second Language
Methods of Teaching Listening and Speaking
Methods of Teaching Reading
Methods of Teaching Writing
Materials and Resources for ESL Classrooms
ESL Assessment and Evaluation
Literature and Drama for ESL LearnersSpecialisation in Guidance and Counselling:
Introduction to Counselling Psychology
Theories and Techniques in Counselling
Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions
Group Counselling
Career Counselling
Diversity, Counselling and the Helping Relationship
Working with Disaffected Children
Family Counselling
Child and Adolescent Counselling
Mental Health
Specialisation in Special Needs Education:
Introduction to Children with Special Needs
Language and Communication Disabilities in Children
Instructional Strategies for Children with Special Needs
Behaviour Management for Children with Special Needs
Early Intervention and Support Services for Children with Special Needs
Management of Special Education
Inclusion for Students with Special Needs
Sign Language in Communication
Community-based Rehabilitation
Current Issues and Trends in Special Education
Specialisation in Early Childhood Education:
Early Childhood in a Changing World
Play and Learning in Early Childhood
Assessment in Early Childhood
Collaborative Relationships in Early Childhood:
Home, School and Community
Wellness in Early Childhood:
Health, Safety, Nutrition and Physical Education
Arts Education in Early Childhood: Creative and Aesthetic Expression
Social-emotional Learning, Character Education and Social Studies in
Early Childhood
Communication in Early Childhood: Language and Literacy Education
Science and Technology Education in Early Childhood
Mathematics Education in Early Childhood

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