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Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)
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Duration : 1 years
Award : Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

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Entry Requirements


Registration Fee
MYR 200
Resource Fee
MYR 480
Tuition Fee (Home)
MYR 11,400
Estimated Total Fees
MYR 12,080
Other Fee
Insurance (per year) @ MYR 70 / Year
Deposit (refundable) @ MYR 250 / Once-off

Course Content

Level 1

Listening & Speaking

  • Discerning main ideas
  • Understanding sequences
  • Noticing specific details
  • Sound Discrimination
  • Picture Matching
  • Using correct pronunciation
  • Attempting correct stress and intonation
  • Questioning, Speaking coherently
  • Consonants, vowels and diphthongs
  • Contractions (it's, won't)

Reading & Writing

  • Skimming and scanning
  • Looking for supporting details
  • Observing the mechanics of writing (spelling, punctuation)
  • Writing grammatically correct sentences in response to pictorial stimuli

Grammar & Vocabulary

  • Content words
  • Functional words
  • Verbs and verb forms
  • Prepositions
  • Nouns and pronouns
  • Articles and determiners
  • Questions with tags and responses


Level 2

Listening & Speaking

  • Inferring,
  • Comparing,
  • Predicting,
  • Completing tasks,
  • Using correct pronunciation,
  • Paraphrasing,
  • Supporting and clarifying,
  • Interacting in a group,
  • Sentence stress and intonation,
  • Pluralisation (-s/es/ies, men, children)

Reading & Writing

  • Comparing,
  • Clarifying,
  • Using contextual clues,
  • Determining relevance,
  • Understanding and using study skills,
  • Practising dictionary skills,
  • Transferring information from linear to non-linear forms and vice versa,
  • Writing sentences in correct sequence to form paragraphs,
  • Writing different types of sentences,
  • Writing paragraphs,
  • Using spelling and grammar checker in word processor

Grammar & Vocabulary

  • Accuracy practice,
  • Understanding of words through contextual and grammar clues,
  • Content words,
  • Functional words,
  • Tenses,
  • Future and perfect aspect,
  • Adverbs,
  • Adjectives and intensifiers,
  • Conjunctions and connectors,
  • Positive and negative sentences,
  • Positive and negative questions,
  • WH questions and responses
  • Concordance

Level 3

Listening & Speaking

  • Classifying,
  • Note- taking,
  • Understanding varieties of English (e.g. British / American),
  • Summarizing,
  • Oral Presentations Sentence stress and intonation,
  • Sentence stress in questions

Reading & Writing

  • Inferring, Summarizing,
  • Note-taking,
  • Differentiating between fact and opinion,
  • Using critical and creative thinking skills,
  • Writing sentences in correct sequence to form paragraphs,
  • Understanding unity (topic sentence and supporting details),
  • Developing coherence and cohesion,
  • Writing summaries,
  • Writing essays,
  • Writing full texts on specific topics

Grammar & Vocabulary

  • Use of specialist dictionaries and the thesaurus,
  • Accuracy practice,
  • Understanding of words through contextual and grammar clues,
  • Exposure to synonyms, antonyms and words generally confused in English,
  • Content words,
  • Functional words, Gerunds, Infinitives,
  • Phrases, clauses and sentences,
  • WH questions and responses,
  • Idiomatic expressions

Resource - Based Activities

  • Newspaper in Education
  • Video-based Learning
  • Computer-aided Language Learning

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