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De Montfort University (DMU)
Intakes : Oct Jan Apr
Duration : 3 years
Award : De Montfort University (DMU)

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MYR 202,500
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MYR 202,500
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Course Content

Year 1: Framing the study (building on the research proposal) in order to connect professional business and academic research domains effectively

Research Log – The students will open a research log of their experience of moving through the various parts of the programme in relation to their professional lives. An indicative template and guidance will be provided to students. The log should have regular brief entries (at least every two weeks) and provide a commentary and reflection on making sense of the doctoral, work and general life experiences. The log does not employ academic references unless the student wishes to engage with particular sources as a part of the log and its experiences.

This log will operate, and be maintained, for the duration of the programme and will be submitted alongside the final thesis programme upon submission (minimum 2000 words in overall length). The student must receive a ‘pass’ mark for this element (pass threshold for progression). Non-achievement of a pass mark will require a resubmission of the log element.

Establishment of, and Engagement in, Action-Learning Sets - Action learning sets will be formed at the commencement of the programme. Action learning sets provide a well-established and acknowledged management development methodology which allows programme participants to exchange and learn in a structured manner. While these are essentially self-directed, these will be overseen at distance by supervisors/programme leader.

  • Module 1 - Year 1/ Assignment 1 (Sept - Dec) –  A structured review of research and leading professional practice literature
  • Module 2 - Year 1/ Assignment 2 (Dec - March) – Challenging assumptions underpinning practice - Research Paradigms and Philosophies
  • Module 3 - Year 1 (March - June) - Development of the Research Design – Preparation for Field Work/ Pilot Study
  • End Year 1 - Residential (June)

Year 2 (Sept - Dec): Operation of the Pilot Study and Development of Thesis

Year 3 to Year 4 (Full-time) and Year 4 to Year 6 (Part-time): Ongoing Field Work, Analysis of Findings and Writing up of Thesis Document

Researcher Development Programme -Throughout the course of the programme, students will have the possibility of undertaking modules from the extensive suite of available modules provided by the Graduate School Office/Doctoral College. This facility will provide a diverse range of opportunities for students to complement and supplement their learning. If students wish to take these modules they will be supported in contacted the appropriate contact points and accessing them. The modules are in addition to the validated programme and not part of it. They are undertaken entirely on the volition of the student but the course team will support and advise students in concert with colleagues from wider areas.

The programme structure allows students to complete the three input modules in year 1. Students who wish to complete the modules at a different pace will have two options: first, to submit outstanding assignments later in a negotiated extension timeline; secondly, - should they be unable to attend delivery of one of the three modules in the first year (due to private/professional circumstances) - to attend, for example, one or two modules in year 1 and join the new cohort in the following year 2 to undertake the remaining module(s) then. This pattern of three modules running each year will also allow students to catch up (on a cyclical /conveyor belt model) on resits should they not complete in year one or fail a first attempt. Students must successfully complete the assignments within the first two years of programme before being able to transfer to, and commence with, the thesis phase.

From the beginning of the programme students will also be obligated to keep and make entries in a Research Log which will operate on a yearly assessment basis throughout the duration of the programme (more is detailed below on the Log).

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