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Australian National University (ANU)
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Entry Requirements


Registration Fee
Resource Fee
Tuition Fee (Home)
MYR 458,206
Estimated Total Fees
MYR 458,206

Course Content

The Bachelor of Medical Science requires completion of 144 units, of which:

A maximum of 60 units may come from completion of 1000-level courses

A minimum of 30 units must come from completion of 3000-level courses

The 144 units must include:

54 units from completion of the following compulsory courses:

  • BIOL1003 Evolution, Ecology & Genetics (6 units)
  • BIOL1004 Molecular and Cell Biology (6 units)
  • BIOL2142 General Microbiology (6 units)
  • BIOL2161 Genes: Replication and Expression (6 units)
  • BIOL2171 Biochemistry and Nutrition (6 units)
  • BIOL3190 Medical Science in the Workplace (6 units)
  • CHEM1101 Chemistry 1 (6 units)
  • CHEM1201 Chemistry 2 (6 units)
  • MEDN2001 Medical Physiology and Pharmacology (6 units)

6 units from completion of quantitative research skills courses from the following list:

  • BIAN3014 Research Design and Analysis in Biological Anthropology (6 units)
  • BIOL2001 Introduction to Quantitative Biology (6 units)
  • BIOL2202 Experimental Design and Analysis in Biology (6 units)
  • ENVS1003 Introduction to Environmental and Social Research (6 units)
  • PSYC2009 Quantitative Methods in Psychology (6 units)

12 units from completion of courses from the following list:

  • BIOL2117 Cell Biology (6 units)
  • BIOL2151 Genetics (6 units)
  • BIOL2162 Molecular Gene Technology (6 units)
  • BIOL2174 Cell Physiology in Health and Disease (6 units)

24 units from completion of courses from the following lists:

A minimum of 12 units of core biomedical courses from the following list:

  • BIOL3108 Hallmarks of Cancer (6 units)
  • BIOL3141 Infection and Immunity (6 units)
  • BIOL3142 Biomedical Parasitology (6 units)
  • BIOL3144 Advanced and Applied Immunology (6 units)
  • MEDN3186 Human Anatomy (6 units)
  • BIOL3204 Genetics of Human Disease 1 (6 units)
  • BIOL3205 Genetics of Human Disease 2 (6 units)
  • NEUR3101 Cellular Neuroscience (6 units)
  • NEUR3112 Systems Neuroscience (6 units)

A maximum of 12 units of biomedical electives from the following list:

  • BIOL3107 Advances in Medical and Plant Biochemistry (6 units)
  • BIOL3161 Genomics and its Applications (6 units)
  • BIOL3191 Bioethics and Society (6 units)
  • BIOL3203 Advanced Microscopy in Biosciences (6 units)
  • BIOL3208 Biology Research Project (6 units)
  • BIOL3209 Biology Research Project (12 units)
  • MEDN3820 Biomedical Imaging: Principles, Technologies and Applications in Health Sciences (6 units)
  • POPH3000 Introduction to Population Health (6 units)


48 units from completion of elective courses offered by ANU


*Students must achieve a minimum 65% Weighted Average Mark across all science courses in the Bachelor of Medical Science undertaken in each period (Summer/First Semester/Autumn and Winter/Second Semester/Spring) in order to continue in the Bachelor of Medical Science.

*Students who do not achieve a minimum of 65% Weighted Average Mark will be transferred to a different Science program.

Elective units

48 units from completion of elective courses offered by ANU

Once you have met the program requirements of your degree, you may have enough electives to complete an additional elective major, minor or specialisation.

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