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Entry Requirements


Registration Fee
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Tuition Fee (Home)
MYR 370,703
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MYR 370,703

Course Content

The Bachelor of Design requires completion of 144 units, of which:

A maximum of 60 units may come from completion of 1000-level courses

A minimum of 84 units must come from completion of 2000- and 3000- level courses

The 144 units must consist of:

36 units from completion of the following compulsory courses:

  • DESN1002 Visual Communication: Design and Production
  • DESN1003 Contemporary Design in Context
  • DESN1004 The Past as Prototype: History, Ethics and Concepts for Design in the Twenty-First Century
  • DESN2008 Design Thinking: Human-Centred Design Methodologies
  • DESN3010 Design Studio: Independent Practice
  • DESN3011 Design Studio: Engagement and Collaboration

A minimum of 6 units from the completion of foundation courses from the following list:

  • ARTV1020 Figure and Life
  • ARTV1021 Image and Object
  • ARTV1033 Hold Everything: Studio Foundation
  • DESA1021 Precise Drawing and Model Making

A minimum of 12 units from the completion of interdisciplinary concepts and theories courses from the following list:

  • ANTH1002 Culture and Human Diversity: Introducing Anthropology
  • ANTH1003 Global Citizen: Culture, Development and Inequality
  • ANTH2005 Traditional Australian Indigenous Cultures, Societies and Environment
  • ANTH2009 Culture and Development
  • ANTH2017 Culture, Social Justice and Aboriginal Society Today
  • ANTH2025 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • ANTH2026 Medicine, Healing and the Body
  • ANTH2132 Food for Thought: Anthropological Theories of Food and Eating
  • ANTH2134 States and Citizens: Anthropological Perspectives
  • ARTH1006 Art and Design Histories: Form and Space
  • ARTH1007 Art and Design Histories: Making and Meaning
  • ARTH2043 After the Bauhaus: Design from the Interwar Period to the Age of Climate Crisis
  • ARTH2162 Art in the Digital Age
  • ARTH2167 Issues in Contemporary Craft and Design
  • ARTH2080 Art and Visual Culture of the Long Eighteenth Century, 1660-1815
  • ARTH2098 Australian First Nations Art and Culture
  • ARTH2174 Art, Medicine, Gender from the Renaissance until Today
  • ENVS1001 Environment and Society: Geography of Sustainability
  • ENVS1003 Introduction to Environmental and Social Research
  • ENVS1004 Australia’s Environment
  • ENVS1008 Sustainable Development
  • GEND1001 Sex, Gender and Identity: An Introduction to Gender Studies
  • GEND1002 Reading Popular Culture: An Introduction to Cultural Studies
  • GEND2023 Gender, Sex and Sexuality: An Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • GEND2034 Going Public: Sex, Sexuality and Feminism
  • GEND2036 Excessive Appetites: Sociocultural Perspectives on Addiction and Drug Use
  • GEND2057 Relationships, Marriage and Family
  • HUMN1001 Digital Culture: Being Human in the Information Age
  • HUMN2001 Introduction to Digital Humanities and Public Culture - Tools, Theories and Methods
  • INDG1001 Indigenous Peoples, Populations and Communities
  • INDG1002 First Peoples' experiences and ways of being: resilience, agency, resurgence and rights
  • INDG2001 Indigenous Cultural and Natural Resource Management
  • PHIL1004 Fundamental Ideas in Philosophy: An Introduction
  • PHIL1005 Logic and Critical Thinking
  • PHIL1007 What is Humanity?
  • PHIL1008 Introduction to Ethics
  • PSYC1003 Psychology 1: Understanding Mind, Brain and Behaviour
  • PSYC1004 Psychology 2: Understanding People in Context
  • PSYC1005 The Wellbeing Formula: The Science and Practice of Making a Good Life
  • SOCY1002 Self and Society
  • SOCY1004 Analysing the Social World: An Introduction to Social Psychology
  • SOCY1006 Society & Technological Change

A minimum of 24 units from completion of design courses from the following list:

  • DESN2001 Digital Form and Fabrication
  • DESN2002 Foundations of Creative Code
  • DESN2003 Creative Data Visualisation: Representing Data in Visual and Material Form
  • DESN2004 Dynamic Design and Generative Systems
  • DESN2006 Front-End Web: Crafting Online Experience
  • DESN2007 Design Fiction: Speculative and Critical Design
  • DESN2009 Typography in Context: Digital Typographic Design
  • DESN2010 Making Creative and Critical Technologies: Physical Computing for Art and Design
  • DESN2012 The Ethics of Making: Design for Reuse and Repair

A maximum of 18 units from completion of studio courses listed in the:

  • Visual Arts Practice Minor

48 units from completion of elective courses offered by ANU

Minor modules

Visual Arts Practice

This minor requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

A maximum of 12 units of courses at 1000 level

A maximum of 12 units may come from completion of courses from the following list:

  • ARTV1034 Foundations of Contemporary Arts Practices (6 units)
  • ARTV1020 Drawn from life: techniques and perspectives of observational drawing (6 units)
  • ARTV1021 Image and Object (6 units)
  • ARTV1033 Hold Everything: Studio Foundation (6 units)
  • ARTV1101 Ceramics: Introduction to Clay Forming and Technology (6 units)
  • ARTV1102 Ceramics: Throwing and Surface Decoration (6 units)
  • ARTV1201 Furniture: Shape/Structure (6 units)
  • ARTV1202 Furniture: Elevate/Surface (6 units)
  • ARTV1301 Glass Hot Forming Introduction: Fundamentals for Contemporary Practice (6 units)
  • ARTV1302 Glass Kiln Forming Introduction: Fundamentals for Contemporary Practice (6 units)
  • ARTV1403 Jewellery and Object: Introduction to Precise Miniature Construction (6 units)
  • ARTV1404 Jewellery and Object: Maker, Wearer, Viewer, User (6 units)
  • ARTV1501 Painting: Introducing Painting (6 units)
  • ARTV1502 Painting: Composition and Space (6 units)
  • ARTV1601 Hyperanalogue: The Alchemy of Darkroom Photography (6 units)
  • ARTV1610 PhotoVideo: Interrogating the Camera (6 units)
  • ARTV1611 Expanded Studio Practice: Constructing Worlds (6 units)
  • ARTV1612 Video Art: Editing and Montage (6 units)
  • ARTV1613 Foundations of Animation (6 units)
  • ARTV1614 Post-Digital Photography: Bending the Image (6 units)
  • ARTV1703 Intaglio Print: Etching and Monoprinting (6 units)
  • ARTV1704 Drawing into Print: Screen Printing and Stencils (6 units)
  • ARTV1705 Relief print: Image and text (6 units)
  • ARTV1803 Supports: Conceptual and Material (6 units)
  • ARTV1804 Place, Time, and Wood (6 units)
  • ARTV1901 Textiles: Plants and Place (6 units)
  • ARTV1902 Repeat: Pattern & Disintegration - Textile, Print, Painting (6 units)
  • DESA1021 Precise Drawing and Model Making (6 units)

A minimum of 12 units must come from completion of courses from the following list:

  • ARTV2027 Professional Practice: Economies and Ecologies in the Australian Cultural Sector (6 units)
  • ARTV2038 Workshop Atelier (6 units)
  • ARTV2057 Hands On: Material Language (6 units)
  • ARTV2059 Immersive Media (6 units)
  • ARTV2060 Contexts of Making: Globalisation and Change (6 units)
  • ARTV2061 Contexts of Making: Materiality and Situation (6 units)
  • ARTV2117 Ceramics: Glaze and Colour Development (6 units)
  • ARTV2119 Ceramics: Experimental Methods and Meanings (6 units)
  • ARTV2120 Ceramics: Designing for the Table and Home (6 units)
  • ARTV2124 Ceramics: Surface, Form and Connectivity (6 units)
  • ARTV2125 Ceramics: Moulding, Casting and Digital Technologies (6 units)
  • ARTV2207 Furniture: Support/Body (6 units)
  • ARTV2208 Furniture: Contain/Display (6 units)
  • ARTV2209 Furniture: Collect/Treasure (6 units)
  • ARTV2313 Glass Kiln Casting for Contemporary Practice (6 units)
  • ARTV2314 Glass Blowing for Contemporary Practice: Materiality and Form (6 units)
  • ARTV2315 Glass Kiln Forming for Contemporary Practice (6 units)
  • ARTV2316 Glass Blowing for Contemporary Practice: Utility and Narrative (6 units)
  • ARTV2401 Jewellery and Object: Making with Machines (6 units)
  • ARTV2402 Jewellery and Object: Utility as Context (6 units)
  • ARTV2410 Jewellery and Object: Experimenting with Process (6 units)
  • ARTV2506 Painting: Approaches to Abstraction (6 units)
  • ARTV2507 Painting: Painting in the Photo Digital Age (6 units)
  • ARTV2508 Painting: Taking Your Own Direction (6 units)
  • ARTV2509 Painting: Approaches to Composition and Colour (6 units)
  • ARTV2605 The Photographic Document: Materiality and Form (6 units)
  • ARTV2607 Super Massive Photography: The Politics of Scale (6 units)
  • ARTV2608 Photomedia: Experimental Processes (6 units)
  • ARTV2609 Animation and Video: Visual Storytelling (6 units)
  • ARTV2610 Animation and Video: Character Development (6 units)
  • ARTV2613 Animation and Video: Landscape and Environment (6 units)
  • ARTV2614 Animation and Video: Non-linear Forms (6 units)
  • ARTV2706 Printmedia and Drawing: Drawing Beyond the Line (6 units)
  • ARTV2707 Printmedia and Drawing: Extended Etching and Relief Printing (6 units)
  • ARTV2708 Printmedia and Drawing: Construct Meaning with Drawing (6 units)
  • ARTV2715 Printmedia and Drawing: Typography (6 units)
  • ARTV2717 Printmedia and Drawing: The Book as Art (6 units)
  • ARTV2723 Printmedia and Drawing: Extended Screen Printing (6 units)
  • ARTV2727 Printmedia and Drawing: Lithography (6 units)
  • ARTV2801 Socially Engaged Art Practice: Authorship, Dialogue and Community (6 units)
  • ARTV2802 Politics of Memory: Video Installation, Sculpture, Documentary and Monuments (6 units)
  • ARTV2810 Politics of Bodies: Sculpture, Figure Modelling, Performance and Choreography (6 units)
  • ARTV2820 Politics of Spaces: Installation, Sculpture and Spatial Practice (6 units)
  • ARTV2821 Posthuman Sculpture Practice with Active Materials: Bronze Casting, 3D Modelling and Bio Art (6 units)
  • ARTV2830 Automation and Autonomy: Process, Accident, Sculpture (6 units)
  • ARTV2907 Subverting Stitch (6 units)
  • ARTV2908 Woven Worlds (6 units)
  • ARTV2909 The Public Project: engagement strategies for artists, designers, institutions and communities (6 units)
  • ARTV2911 Spatial/Temporal Methods (6 units)
  • ARTV2921 Environment Studio: Field Based Research and Studio Practice in Visual Arts (6 units)
  • ARTV3507 Open to Influence: Studio Research (6 units)
  • ARTV3508 Painting: Materiality and Meaning (6 units)
  • ARTV3510 Painting: Critical Analysis and Reflection in the Studio (6 units)


Elective units

48 units from completion of elective courses offered by ANU

Once you have met the program requirements of your degree, you may have enough electives to complete an additional elective major, minor or specialisation.

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