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UK University of choice, United Kingdom
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Duration : 3 years (Overseas 1 yrs)
Award : UK University of choice, United Kingdom
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For your final one year of degree studies, you may choose to transfer to the UK universities below for Yearly Partner Fees (varies with universities) between GBP 13,250 to GBP 16,100:-

  • University of Essex
  • Aberystwyth University
  • University of the West of England (UWE)
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of Leicester

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A-Level EE UEC 5B Diploma CGPA 2.00 STPM CGPA 2.00 Foundation CGPA 2.00
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Estimated fees is RM 123,500
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Scholarships available: 2 Awards
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Entry Requirements


Registration Fee
MYR 4,000
Resource Fee
Tuition Fee (Home)
MYR 40,000
Tuition Fee (Partner)
MYR 79,500

Sample Partner Fee (University of the West of England - UWE - Year 3) @ GBP 13,250 / Year ( 1 GBP = MYR 6 )

Estimated Total Fees
MYR 123,500

Awards & Scholarships

Course Content


All Year 1 modules are compulsory.

English Legal System

You will learn about the English Legal System and the legal methodology of the common law system. You will also learn practical legal research skills and refine your legal thinking reasoning.

Public Law

This course will expose you to the inner workings of politics in the UK. You will learn about the constitutional and administrative system of the UK, with an emphasis on the relationship between citizens and the state, the concept of sovereignty and the division of powers between the legislature, executive and the judiciary.

Criminal Law

You will learn several basic legal principles relating to the criminal law, before moving on to explore various offences such as murder, manslaughter, rape and theft. You will also consider matters such as criminal attempts, secondary liability and will learn the various defences available to defendants in criminal proceedings.

Elements of the Law of Contract

In this course, you will learn essential principles of contract, including how contracts are formed, who may enter into a contract and what happens if a party is to breach a contract. You will explore concepts such as privity of contract and look at the remedies available to parties who have suffered the consequence of a contractual breach.

Legal Research Methods

Taught in Semester 2 of Year 1, this course builds on what you have learned in your first semester, giving you hands on practical experience in the methods and skills of legal research.


Upon completion of Year 1, students must complete two compulsory modules and must select two other modules from a list of optional courses.

Compulsory module: Land Law

You will learn about the various interests that can exist in land and the principles govern how property rights are created and extinguished. You will also examine concepts such as adverse possession and discover secrets about mortgages.

Compulsory module: Law of Tort

This course introduces you to principles such as negligence, fault, vicarious liability and duty of care. You will examine the concept of damage and explore various torts aimed at specific areas of civil relations.

Optional module: Commercial Law

Also known as trade law, this module will take you through the laws that apply to the interactions and relationships between persons and businesses. You will examine the relationship and obligations that are imposed on parties to commercial transactions and consider how it interacts with rules of personal property.

Optional module: Family Law

You will explore the law that regulates families, such as the rules on marriage and divorce, and the legal status of offspring. You will also learn about fundamental issues relating to child welfare and the financial provisions in divorce.

Optional module: Company Law

This module focuses on the law that regulates companies and related facilities. You will learn about the various corporate entities that exist under the law, discover the concepts of ‘separate legal personality’ and the ‘corporate veil’ amongst other vital topics within this area of study.

Optional module: Law of Evidence

This module will take you through the substantive and procedural law on evidence. You will discover the rules that govern the types of evidence that may be presented in the courtroom during trial and consider the role of human rights in determining whether certain types of evidence should be admitted or not.

Note: Students must also complete several “Mata Pelajaran Umum” courses.

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