SPM Masterclass SPM Masterclass
Attend Online: 6 to 29 Nov
Register by 25 Oct to get printed class material! Late registrants will receive digital copy only.

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Understand trends of past SPM papers and learn their proven answering techniques to score full marks
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What is SPM Masterclass

The secret sauce to tackle SPM exams that’s been missing from your typical class and tuition
How to attend How to attend
Don’t just study hard. Give yourself the advantage to prepare smart.
Watch Our Preview Class Here
Watch Our
Preview Class Here
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Download the Full
FREE Practice Questions and
watch ALL 24 Preview Classes

Event Details

6th to 29th November 2020 (2 classes every weekend in November)
4-6 hours per subject (+ 1 hour Q&A session after class)
Bahasa Melayu and English
Online Webinar
Printed* and E-book (*For registration by 25 Oct)
How to score SPM

Why You Should Join Our Masterclass

Self Revision

Self Revision

  • You’re on your own
  • No study strategy
  • No advantage to maximise score
  • Spending on excessive study materials
  • May make common mistakes
Uni Enrol Masterclass

Our Masterclass

  • Access to top teachers and their secret techniques
  • Learn the exam schemes and maximise your score
  • Study smarter by knowing past exam trends
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Receive exclusive study materials
  • Chance to win lucky draw prizes!

Package Details

Essential Package
(4 Subjects)
RM 250

You’ll get 4 Masterclasses for Bahasa Melayu, English, Sejarah, and Mathematics.
Science & Accounting Package
(4 Subjects)
RM 250

You’ll get 4 Masterclasses for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Accounting.
All-in Package
(8 Subjects) RM500

You’ll get access to all 8 Masterclasses. Bahasa Melayu, English, Sejarah, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Accounting.

Class Structure

Physics, English, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology classes are conducted in English. Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah and Accounting classes are conducted in BM
Bahasa Melayu
7 Nov
6 or 8 Nov
14 Nov
13 or 15 Nov
21 Nov
20 or 22 Nov
28 Nov
27 or 29 Nov
* Note that Friday and Sunday classes are the same. You will have access to attend the Sunday class OR Friday class but only Sunday classes will have live Q&A sessions

Still Thinking About It?

Make your SPM revision more effective!
1) Get sample questions crafted based on actual SPM exam trends
2) Catch the answers on our social media. Follow us!
3) Watch how our teachers apply techniques to produce model answers

How to Attend

How to attend the SPM Masterclass at the comfort of home
How to attend How to attend

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Frequently Asked Questions


SPM Masterclass is a series of half-day online webinars brought to you by Uni Enrol. In each class, our teachers will go through the exam papers (Paper 1, Paper 2, etc) and cover the following:

  • Help you clearly understand the exam structure and scoring weightage.
  • The different and common ways questions can come out and how to understand their requirements.
  • Strategies to approach your exams and complete in time.
  • Special techniques developed from years of experience that will ensure you answer the right way based on exam schemes and get maximum scores.
  • Analyses of past trends and topics covered (or not covered) in past-year exams and recent trial exams that serve as clues to what may come out.
  • Special tips to avoid common mistakes.

The Masterclass is designed to optimise your preparation for SPM by giving you that added advantage to answer better and foresight into what may come out.

Once payment has been made, watch your email inbox as you will receive a free set of practice questions to try out. Answers will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram throughout September and October in the form of videos where our teachers will be explaining how the questions are answered the right way. So don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

After the first registration closing date on 25 Oct, we will send you the printed class materials as well as emailing you the digital copy.

One day before the online webinar, we will email you the link for you to join the webinar.

Do not worry as you will also receive email reminders of the above.

There are 2 registration deadlines to be mindful of:

25 Oct (Sunday) - Students who register by this date will receive the printed class materials.

6 Nov (Friday) - Students can still register between 25 Oct and 6 Nov but will only receive the digital copy of the class materials due to the limited time to courier the printed copies.

So register quickly as seats are also limited!

The SPM Masterclass will be hosted on Youtube. You will receive a link the day before each webinar to access the session.

All your teachers for the Masterclass not only have more than 10 years of specialising in their subjects but are actively involved in many high-level activities assisting the Ministry of Education such as training of teachers at district and state level, contributing to the development of the subject syllabus and working with various organisations to provide exam workshops and exam forecasting to many students.

With their deep understanding of the syllabus and exam schemes, over the years they have also developed their own techniques and ‘’shortcuts’’ to tackle the examinations. With this they have cultivated a track record of helping hundreds and thousands of students in their career to achieve top scores in their exams.

In the coming weeks we will be posting more videos about them so you get to know them better. Check out their detailed profiles and also look out for them in the media coverage.

There are lucky draw prizes to be won every week leading up to the SPM Masterclass in November.The lucky draw rules will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram while winners will be announced each week.

There will also be more exciting lucky draw prizes to win when you register for the Masterclass!

Webinars will be broadcasted live on Youtube. A unique link will be emailed to you a day before the actual webinar takes place. The webinars are pre-recorded but the broadcast will be on a livestream which means no playback is allowed while the classes are in session.
Live chat will not be activated to minimise distractions and facilitate full concentration of the teachings. Instead, there will be a link provided for students to submit their questions.Immediately after the end of every session, your teacher will go live on Youtube to answer the questions that you have submitted. The time allocated for the Q&A session is up to 1 hour. Please note that not all questions may be answered.
Yes, you can actually re-watch every Masterclass immediately after the end of the live Q&A session.However, the playback feature will only be available on the day itself until 10 AM the following day. For example, the Bahasa Melayu webinar on 7 Nov will be playable until 10 AM 8 Nov. Please note that the playback feature is only enabled in the event you missed out certain parts or wanted to re-watch to better understand certain concepts. We advise students not to overly rely on the playback feature and pay full attention during the Masterclass.
The Masterclass is not a substitute for a full and proper revision of your SPM subjects. The best way to fully benefit from what you will learn in your Masterclasses is to do your own revision of the syllabus at least once. Even better of course if you have practiced on various past-year exam papers to have a better grasp on concepts and facts. You are encouraged to go through the materials before the actual Masterclass begins. Some of the materials may contain questions which you should try to attempt before the teachers guide you and show you how they apply their techniques in the answers. Hopefully you would have just finished your school trial exams and what you have studied and sat for in recent exams will still be fresh in your memory!

Seats Are Limited

Don’t wait too long! Our special All-In Package offer of RM300 is only limited to the first 1000 students.
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