What You Should Know Before Taking A-level

By Noah Teng - August 05, 2020
What to Study Read our guide to learn about A-level programme in Malaysia and the popular universities that offer it.
What You Should Know Before Taking A-level

Interested in entering globally recognised universities without overpaying? The A-level is your answer!

The A-level programme is recognised in 78 countries, with scholarships worth up to RM15, 000 and 100% tuition waiver offered by selected institutions.      

Here’s a guide to what the A-level is about, how to plan for it, popular colleges for studying A-level, and scholarships related to it.   


What is A-level?  

The A-Level is a pre-university programme that prepares you for your future degree.

Its 100% exam based system gives you an objective measure of your knowledge as a student.

The A-level comprises of the AS (Advanced Subsidiary) level, where you’ll learn the basics of your chosen subjects and, A2 level where you’ll study your chosen subjects in greater depth.

Your AS exam is taken at the end of your first semester whilt the A2 exam is taken at the end of your second semester. Each exam counts towards 50% of your final grade.

So unlike the SPM, you get a chance to improve in between semesters.


What Are The Perks Of Taking A-level?

You’ll like the A-level if:

You want access to top universities around the world. The A-level is recognised by prestigious universities such as Oxford, Harvard, and Imperial College London.

Get more time to explore your potential degree choices. The longer duration of the A-level is helpful, if you want more time to decide on committing to a degree or a university.


What's My A-level Pathway?

A Level entry requirements are not very demanding. You’ll need 5 SPM Credits (including a pass in Bahasa Malaysia, Sejarah and English).

Plan your pathway by choosing 3 or 4 subjects that are relevant to your future degree.

If you’re a Science student, you’ll need to get all Cs in the subjects you’re interested in. So, if you want to take A-level Physics, you'll need to get a C in your SPM.

If you’re wondering which subjects to take that could benefit your future degree, refer to the handy graphic below.

Uni Enrol helps students understand their passion and interests to help them choose an education pathway.


Which Colleges Are Popular For Their A-level Programme?

The A-level is offered in many institutions. To help ease your decision-making, check out our list of popular colleges that offer A-level. We've also included links to these courses so that you can easily compare them on our site.

Also, take note of intake dates that suit you. That way you can take a 6 months break or get a headstart in college.  

Taylor's University

Tuition Fees: RM39,000 to RM47,000

Intake: January, March, August


HELP University & Colleges

Tuition Fees: RM24,000 to RM41,000

Intake: January, March, July


Sunway University

Tuition Fees: RM37,775 to RM49,000

Intake: January, March, July and September


INTI Colleges & Universities

Tuition Fees: RM22,000 to RM39,000

Intake: January, July


Brickfields Asia College (BAC)

Tuition Fees: RM19,000 to RM33,000

Intake: January, April, June, September


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