What’s the Deal with Colleges and Universities?

By Uni Enrol - 2 weeks ago
How to Choose Come find out the differences and see which fits your higher education needs

Have you ever wondered what you want to do after graduation? Whether it’s to take a break or to get started on higher education immediately, there are tons of options out there waiting for you.

Before you begin your search for courses to take post-SPM/O-Level/UEC, here’s a brief look at what a college and university can and cannot offer:




Can offer:

Certificate courses

Pre-university courses (e.g. Foundation, A-level, South Australian Matriculation)

Diploma courses

Undergraduate degrees awarded by foreign universities (study period structure such as 1+2, 2+1, 3+0 etc)


Cannot offer:

Own undergraduate degrees

Postgraduate degrees


Colleges are only allowed to offer a limited type of courses. They often do not have elaborate facilities or a variety of courses for you to choose.



Why Should You Choose a College?

You want a cheaper option for your pre-university course.

Colleges are an affordable option for you to consider if you are looking at pre-university courses. Some have a track record of producing well-rounded graduates who then move on to excel in their degree and subsequent career.


You want a foreign degree but don’t want to go abroad.

A college is also a great option for you to get quality education without going abroad. They offer 3+0 degrees that are easily recognised but at a fraction of the cost of studying abroad. Some colleges also offer 2+1, 1+2 transfer options for those who want to transfer abroad.





Can offer:

Foundation courses (e.g. Foundation in Science, Foundation in Arts)

Diploma courses

Undergraduate degrees (awarded by the university)

Undergraduate degrees awarded by foreign universities (study period structure such as 1+2, 2+1, 3+0 etc)

Postgraduate degrees


Cannot offer:



Universities can award degrees in various academic disciplines. It consistently contributes to research and development within the academic field.


Why Should You Choose a University?

You want better support for your career through the curriculum and services.

Aside from getting an education, they also provide you with support for your career. This could be in the form of modules within the curriculum, activities by the university or the career services team.


You want a vibrant campus life.

Universities have better facilities compared with colleges and university colleges. There is always something for you to do and someone to meet since the student body is significantly larger because of the number of courses being offered.


So there you have it! These are the different types of higher education institutions for you to choose post-SPM.


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