How to Prepare For Online Exams?

By Uni Enrol - July 17, 2020
What to Study If you are one of the students who have had to switch to online learning, come find out how to prepare for online exams.
How to Prepare For Online Exams?

Online exams are no different than the usual pen and paper exams. They create major anxieties for students, whether during the preparation stage or the actual exams.

Students who are not familiar with online exams do not know what to expect. They aren't sure about the skills and strategies that will help them perform at their utmost best.

The key to success in online exams is the same as your usual pen and paper exams.

Here is how you can prepare for your online exams.


  1. Read the Instructions

Every exam comes with specific instructions. Don't assume you know and skip reading the instructions. It is crucial to go over the instructions of your exams because there may be important details that you might overlook.

Be sure that you know the following:

  • The specific date and time of the examination
  • The time duration needed to complete the exam
  • Link to the online exam
  • If possible, ask the instructor if there's anything you need to know about the exam


  1. Make Sure Your Device is Prepared

Nothing is as devastating as turning on your device on exam day and discovering that it isn't working.

Most online exams are timed, so make sure there are no disruption caused by power, Internet, and device outage. 

To the best of your knowledge or with the help of a professional, check your computer ahead of the exam. Make sure it's working efficiently and that your WiFi connection is stable.

If possible, have a backup plan. What will you do if your laptop fails? Do you have another device on standby? Having a backup device will help you prepare for any untoward disruptions.


  1. Gather All That You’ll Need to Take the Exam

Because you're likely to sit for your exams at home, you will have access to materials such as notes, textbooks, and writing tools. If you’re going to use these materials, ensure that they're readily accessible during your exam.

Keep in mind that your textbook can be either a help or a hindrance. If you have been reading and making notes, highlighted, or annotated your textbook, it can be a useful resource. However, if you are to open your textbook for the first time on exam day, you may be wasting valuable time.


  1. Don't Panic if You Have Technical Problems

If you experience any technical difficulties during or before the exams, don't panic. Contact your lecturer immediately, explain the problem and the error message you're getting. Take a screenshot of your laptop and show it to your lecturer.

If you genuinely couldn't take the exams because of matters beyond your control, discuss with your lecturers on the next course of action.


  1. Online Exams Aren't Always Easy

You'll have access to your study materials since online exams are essentially open-book exams but that does not mean you don’t need to study for it.

In an open-book exam, you’ll have the opportunity to refer to your books and notes for answers.

However, because the exam is timed, you may not have time to search for the answer in the book. Therefore, study as you normally would for a regular exam.


  1. Be Sure to Click Submit

We know that getting disrupted during the exam is one of the worst things that can happen, but there’s another just as bad incident: Not submitting your answers for the exam.  

Not all online exams are set up the same. You should always remember to check your submission. If you experience any difficulty in submitting, let your lecturer know immediately. If you can, send your answers in an attached document.


Online exams are not that complicated once you have familiarise yourself with it.

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