How Amy Studied Foundation Without Any Financial Burden

By Uni Enrol - April 01, 2022
How to Choose Find out how Amy got to maximise her savings with Uni Enrol!
How Amy Studied Foundation Without Any Financial Burden

After her SPM exam, Amy was confused about which university was a good fit for her budget and dream career. After analysing Amy’s concerns, our counsellor, Wendy knew she needed to help Amy to maximise her savings, and Foundation was likely the pathway for her to pursue her dream.



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Good and Cheap - Is That Even Possible?

As the eldest in the family with 2 siblings graduating secondary school soon, Amy was looking for an affordable pathway that would not burden her parents financially, yet without compromising her chance to get a quality education so that she can support her family in the future. She knew she needed to pursue her studies outside of Kelantan but moving out would incur additional cost. 



An Obvious Choice for Amy


Est. Savings :

  • Extra RM 1,500 PTPTN
  • At least RM 12,000/year in living expenses


Pros :

  • All the savings could be used for degree


Cons :

  • Online study - did not get to meet lecturers and friends physically


Why UE Recommended :

  • This pathway is the most cost-effective as Amy could reduce her parents financial burden with PTPTN on top of scholarships for her Foundation year. Studying at home means she did not have to spend more on living and travelling expenses. With extra effort, Amy could also secure scholarships to progress to other universities for her degree.



Saving to the Max

Amy could not believe there was such an option that fulfilled all her needs, as she did not know she could switch universities, and did not expect PTPTN for her Foundation year. Amy applied to UNITAR through Uni Enrol and received a RM300 bursary. She is currently pursuing her Accounting degree in a local private university with scholarships.

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